Monday, October 1, 2012

Program 21 and free Ugandan coffee!

Hey friends! I've let my blog sit for way too long and that's not okay... Most of my past blog posts were from my experiences living at Canaan Children's Home in Uganda and if you've ever read any of them, I'm sure you know all about Program 21. Program 21 is the feeding supplement program Becca Tomlinson and I formed while we lived in Uganda last Fall.  The children there (about 120 from ages 3-19) used to eat porridge for breakfast and then posho (a non-nutritional mush, basically a stomach filler) and beans for lunch and dinner... day in and day out.  They would get meat about once a year on Christmas and maybe a sugar cane or other treat occasionally. Becca and I were devastated with what we saw, even though the kids were still so thankful.  So Program 21 was created.  Now, the children eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast daily, a vegetable twice a week, fruit twice a week, sugar in their porridge to add a little flavor, and meat once a week. This is a miracle! I wish you all could have been there when we made the announcement; the kids were screaming and jumping and the Aunties (dorm mothers) were clapping and giving all the praise to God. How amazing?!

But we really need your help to keep it going... we've been blessed to receive several one-time donations (of which are still greatly needed and used) but in order to have a little more stability and sureness in this program, we'd love more monthly supporters! And from now until October 12th, you'll even get free Ugandan coffee beans for helping them! So here's the deal, its really simple... just go to the Voices for the Voiceless (V4V) site and sign up to become a monthly sponsor for Program 21. Remember, no amount is too small! It costs approximately $10 a month to feed one child. You can give $10, $20, $13.76, $5, $55, or any amount your heart desires! Every dollar is a blessing in itself, and we appreciate your generosity so incredibly much. After your sign up and donate, you will receive a delicious little bag of Ugandan coffee beans in the mail as a small token of our appreciation.

It's very simple! Go to the V4V donation site (<-click that link). Under the Donation Fund drop down box, select Program 21 and then complete the rest of your transaction. Super quick and easy!

OR you can always take the snail mail route if you'd like by writing a check to 'Voices 4 the Voiceless' with the subject line: Program 21.
You can mail your check to the following address:Voices 4 the Voiceless PO BOX 1923 Lexington, SC 29071

The sweet kids at Canaan are doing GREAT and their bodies are healthier than ever. We hope to have some new and recent pictures of the kids to post in a few weeks. Thank you to everyone for supporting this ministry and these precious children.Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help, but I guarantee the kids appreciate it even more. PLEASE prayerfully consider helping!

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